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Watch blanks

The company produces sapphire watch blanks of 2 geometric shapes: square and round, several crystallographic orientations: (0001), (1120), arbitrary, and also with the orientation of one of the sides of a rectangular blank along the (0001) direction.

By using our product you:

Get the best conditions / we have
own production on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Establish a leading position in the market /
sapphire products - premium segment,
unsurpassed quality.

Expand your range / our technical and
scientific experts will help you in the development.

sapphire in front of glass
  • scratched
  • Muddy, rubbed
  • interacts
    with aggressive environments
  • Loses transparency
  • Doesn't scratch
  • Doesn't get cloudy, doesn't rub off
  • Doesn't interact
    with aggressive environments
  • Is transparent
    over a wide range
Why us?
  • 30 years of experience in the scientific and technical potential of specialists makes it possible to develop joint projects with you
  • Quick response to requests, short lead times for orders with non-standard requirements.
  • If necessary, it is able to increase the volume of deliveries of the required products in the shortest possible time.
  • Own production on the territory of the Russian Federation